Student Progress

The Standing Committee on Student Progress is responsible for the formal review of student performance, if such performance may lead to a change in academic or professional status according to the Academic Status Policy of the Jacobs School.

The committee is vested with assessment of any potential change in academic or professional status. Student performance data are under continual review by the senior associate dean for medical curriculum and the senior associate dean for student and academic affairs.

Whenever a substandard level of performance is noted, the data will be gathered by the senior associate dean for medical curriculum (or his/her designee), or by the senior associate dean for student and academic affairs, and referred to the committee for a thorough, comprehensive and timely review. The committee shall meet to discuss students after their second academic failure and make recommendations prior to a student placing themself in jeopardy of a third failure, which is grounds for dismissal. 

The committee will refer cases of unprofessional behavior to the Professional Conduct Committee for review and investigation as appropriate. The Professional Conduct Committee will report its findings back to the Student Progress Committee for its consideration. A report of the findings and conclusions of the Student Progress Committee, including any findings of the Professional Conduct Committee, will be forwarded to the senior associate deans for medical curriculum and student and academic affairs who will take the action(s) specified in the committee’s report.


Members of the Student Progress Committee and its chair will be nominated by the Steering Committee of the Faculty Council and appointed by the dean. The committee will be composed of seven members and two alternates, all selected for three-year terms from the faculty of the medical school. Two members will rotate off the committee each year. The chair will serve for two years and will be replaced by a member who has served for at least one year.

To avoid a conflict of interest, the administrative staff of the Office of Medical Education may not serve on the Student Progress Committee.

Chair 2021-2023

2021-2024 Term

2019-2022 Term