Stockton Kimball Award and Lecture

Stockton Kimball, MD ’29 1903-1958.

Stockton Kimball, MD ’29 1903-1958

This annual award is the UB medical school’s highest honor, bestowed on faculty members who have achieved worldwide recognition as researchers and have been recognized as well for significant academic accomplishment and service to the university.

Memorializing Stockton Kimball, MD

The award and lecture memorialize Stockton Kimball, MD ’29, a nationally known medical educator and community leader.

He was a professor of medicine in the UB medical school for 13 years, and dean for 12 years, until his death in 1958.

Companion Lecture

A companion lecture allows the recipient to share research highlights with colleagues.

The lecture is delivered the year after the award is granted, immediately preceding the medical school’s Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards celebration, held each June.


The awardee is nominated by either a department chair or the selection committee.

Nominators must provide:

  • nominee’s name, department and contact information
  • nominee’s current curriculum vita
  • brief description of nominee’s qualifications, based on criteria below

Award Criteria and Selection

A selection committee of multidisciplinary faculty is appointed by the dean of the UB medical school and chaired by the senior associate dean for faculty affairs.

The award is granted to a faculty member who demonstrates:

  • consistent academic accomplishment
  • national and international recognition as an accomplished investigator
  • significant research contributions
  • identification with Buffalo for a substantial portion of his/her academic accomplishment
  • concern for and contributions to the progress of UB and its medical school
  • excellence in its broadest sense


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Stockton Kimball Awardees

  • 2015 Dr. Drucy S. Borowitz
  • 2014 Dr. Stephen Rudin
  • 2013 Dr. Jean Wactawski-Wende
  • 2012 Dr. Leonard H. Epstein
  • 2011 Drs. William T. Ruyechan and David R. Pendergast
  • 2010 Dr. Paul R. Knight, III
  • 2009 Dr. Daniel J. Kosman
  • 2008 Dr. William E. Pelham
  • 2007 Dr. Suzanne G. Laychock
  • 2006 Dr. Paresh Dandona
  • 2005 Dr. John M. Canty Jr.
  • 2004 Dr. Mulchand S. Patel
  • 2003 Dr. Stanley A. Schwartz
  • 2002 Dr. L. Nelson Hopkins
  • 2001 Dr. Frederick Sachs
  • 2000 Dr. Timothy Murphy
  • 1999 Dr. Maurizio Trevisan
  • 1998 Dr. Carl Granger
  • 1997 Dr. Joseph Napoli
  • 1996 Dr. Lawrence Jacobs
  • 1995 Dr. Robert Genco
  • 1994 Dr. Robert Noble
  • 1993 Dr. Philip T. Loverde
  • 1992 Dr. Robert A. Klocke
  • 1991 Dr. Michael A. Apicella
  • 1990 Dr. Thomas Tomasi
  • 1989 Dr. Saxon Graham
  • 1988 Dr. John Border
  • 1987 Dr. Suk-ki Hong
  • 1986 Dr. Alexander C. Brownie
  • 1985 Dr. Pearay L. Ogra
  • 1984 Dr. Robert Guthrie
  • 1983 Dr. Worthington G. Schenk, Jr.
  • 1982 Dr. Guiseppe A. Andres
  • 1981 Dr. Francis J. Klocke
  • 1980 Dr. Donald Rennie
  • 1979 Drs. Felix Milgrom and Barbara Rennick
  • 1978 Dr. Leon Farhi
  • 1977 Drs. Carl Arbesman and Erwin Neter
  • 1976 Drs. O.P. Jones, Samuel Sanes, and Kornel Terplan
  • 1969-75 NA
  • 1968 Dr. Hermann Rahn
  • 1967 Dr. John Paine
  • 1966 Dr. Mitchell Rubin
  • 1965 Dr. S. Mouchly Small
  • 1964 Dr. David K. Miller
  • 1963 Drs. John D. Stewart and Ernest Witebsky

Stockton Kimball Award News


Sanjay Sethi, MD, professor of medicine and assistant vice president for health sciences, has received the 2019 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific achievement and service.


Noreen Williams, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology, has received the 2018 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific achievement and service.


Thomas A. Russo, MD, professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, has received the 2017 Stockton Kimball Award for consistent academic accomplishment, significant research discoveries and contributions to the progress of the university and the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.


Anthony A. Campagnari, PhD ’84, senior associate dean for research and graduate education, has received the 2016 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific achievement and service.


Cystic fibrosis expert Drucy S. Borowitz, MD, clinical professor of pediatrics, has received the 2015 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific achievement and service.


Noted epidemiologist Jean Wactawski-Wende, PhD, who has played a leading role in groundbreaking national women’s health research, highlighted results of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) hormone therapy clinical trials during her Stockton Kimball lecture May 29.


Stephen Rudin, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Professor of radiology and director of radiation physics, has been honored with the 2014 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific accomplishment as well as significant service to the university.

Jean Wactawski-Wende, PhD, professor and associate chair of social and preventive medicine, has been honored with the 2013 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific accomplishment as well as significant service to the university.

Leonard H. Epstein, PhD, delivered the 2013 Stockton Kimball Lecture “Reinforcement Pathology and Obesity” June 5.

Leonard H. Epstein, PhD, has been honored with the 2012 Stockton Kimball Award for outstanding scientific accomplishment as well as significant service to the university.

David Pendergast, EdD, is regarded worldwide for his expertise in hyperbaric medicine and exercise physiology.


The award honors Ruyechan's academic accomplishments and his international reputation in research.


Students recognize SMBS faculty for their excellence in teaching.