Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students

The University at Buffalo requires all new graduate students to pass "Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students,” an online education requirement.

Training Is Required

You must complete the “Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students” training. The University requires a 100 percent completion rate. The University tracks compliance and will follow up with students who do not fulfill these requirements.

Follow-up messages will come from UB’s central administration.

Pay careful attention to the instructions, since the University needs to comply with SUNY mandates.

You do not need to complete the AlcoholEDU training.

You will be emailed your required course directly to your UB email, along with the instructions when the course becomes available for you to complete.

Responses Are Confidential

All survey responses are strictly confidential. The University only receives information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.

Please Note

A hold will be placed on your account if these requirements are not met.

You must complete the training to release the hold.

Need Help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center for ALL LOGIN problems.

For ALL OTHER technical issues, click on the “Technical Help” button located in the upper right-hand corner of any module screen (available 24/7).