UB Card

Your UB Card is your official identification card for the University at Buffalo. You must upload a picture for your UB Card before orientation.  

You need your UB Card for:

  • access to the Jacobs School building and rooms
  • UBIT access
  • library access, both online and in person
  • student identification
  • campus transportation/UB Stampede
  • access to athletic facilities
  • access to sporting events
  • meal plans, dining dollars and campus cash

Please contact the UB Card Office directly with questions.

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

Step 2: Pick Up Your UB Card

Returning Students

If you attended UB as an undergraduate student, you do not need to upload a new photo.

You will receive a new card, required to access the new medical campus. There is a cost associated with the card.

Please contact the UB Card Office if you have questions.