UB Research Projects That ‘Caught the World’s Attention’ in 2016

Updated December 29, 2016 This content is archived.

UB has released a list of 12 faculty-led research projects that caught the world’s attention in 2016, appearing in news articles around the world.

Among them were:

  • Medical researchers John J. Leddy, MD, clinical professor of orthopaedics, and Barry S. Willer, PhD, professor of psychiatry, who have shown that low-level exercise can help a patient recover from a concussion, “launched a new study to investigate how the brain changes after a concussion, and how the organ returns to normal.”
  • Paleontologist Jack Tseng, PhD, assistant professor of pathology and anatomical sciences, worked on the origination of beardogs, which lived millions of years ago. Tseng “points to the southwestern U.S. as an early home for this lineage of prehistoric mammals. The research helps to clarify the evolutionary history of this now extinct, once-successful group of predators.”