13th Annual Research Day Winners

Published May 26, 2017 This content is archived.

Residents, fellows and faculty participated in the annual event.

Oral Presentations

1st Place

The Effect of Omegaven on Pro-Inflammatory Receptors

George Ventro, MD, Yingkui Yang, MD, PhD, Min Chen, MD, Sarah Cairo, MD, and Carroll Harmon, MD, PhD.
Presented by: George Ventro, MD.

2nd Place

Unnecessary Percutaneous Cholecystostomy Drainage is Associated with Potentially Preventable Mortality: A Comparison of Patient Characteristics and Management Strategies for Cholecystitis in 2005 and 2015

Jane Zhao, MD ab, He Qui, BS c, IIya Aleksandrovskiy, BA c, Shannon Tierney, BS c, Michael Johnson, BS c, Mark Lawlor, BS c, Joel Braverman, BS c, Peter Elkin, MD b, Steven Schwaitzberg, MD, MA ab.
Presented by: Jane Zhao, MD.

3rd Place

Validation of the Age-Adjusted Shock Index Using Pediatric Trauma Quality Improvement Program Data

Andrew Nordin MD, Alan Coleman MD, Junxin Shi MD, PhD, Krista Wheeler MS, Henry Xiang MD, MPH, PhD, Shannon Acker MD, Denis Bensard MD, Brian Kenney MD, MPH.
Presented by: Andrew Nordin, MD.

Honorable Mention

Competitive Advantage of MBA for Physician-Executives: A Systematic Literature Review 

1, Anthony D. Turner, MS, MBA, 2, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, MD, MBA, FACS, Weidun Alan Guo, MD, PhD, FACS.
Presented by: Anthony Turner, MS, MBA.

Poster Presentations

1st Place

Transcervical Extended Mediastinal Lymphadenectomy (TEMLA) – Experience from a North American Cancer Center

2, Athar Battoo, Mark Hennon 1,2, Chukwumere E. Nwogu 1, 2, Elisabeth U Dexter 1,2, Miriam Huang 1,2 Anthony Picone 1 and Todd L. Demmy 1, 2.

2nd Place

Utilization of a Nurse-Driven Protocol for Foley Catheter Removal to Reduce Catheter-Associated UTI Rates

Sathya Ram, Patricia Hodan, Charlene Ludlow, Jeffrew M. Jordan.

3rd Place

You Get What You Pay for: Comparison of Atrial Fibrillation Prophlaxi in Lung Resection Patients

M. Tell, R. Renner, I. Cohen, A. Meagher, T. Demmy M. Hennon, M. Huang, C. Nwogu, A. S. Yendamuri, E. Dexter.