2019 Research Day Awards

Research Day 2019 held in Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Science.

Oral Presentations

1st Place Winner

Pediatric vs Adult Trauma Centers: Closing the Gap in Non- Operative Management of Splenic Injuries – A National Trauma Data Bank Study

Authors: R Filipescu, C Powers, H Yu, DH Rothstein, CM Harmon, B Clemency, WA Guo and KD Bass

Presented by: R Filipescu

2nd Place Winner

Multisource Feedback Driven Intervention Improves Surgeon Leadership and Teamwork

Authors: J Hu, R Lee, S Mullin, S Schwaitzberg, L Harmon, P Gregory and PL Elkin

Presented by: J Hu

3rd Place Winner

The Association of Nodal Upstaging with Surgical Approach and its Impact on Long Term Survival after Resection of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Authors: M Hennon, A Groman, T Demmy and S Yendamuri

Presented by: L DeGraff


Group 1

Teaching Surgery Novices and Trainees Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing: A Trial and Tribulations

Authors: AT Train, J Hu, JR Narvaez, LM Miller, GE Wilding, L Cavuoto, E Noyes, AB Hoffman and SD Schwaitzberg

Group 2

Reentry Devices at the Infra-Popliteal Level

Authors: EN Fakhoury, M Rivero, SZ Khan, GS Cherr, LM Harris, ML Dryjski and HH Dosluoglu

Group 3

Ex Vivo Perfusion of Tumor Containing Human Liver Specimens: A Novel Model for Malignancy

Authors: MM Wach, SM Ruff, RI Ayabe, M Jafferji, K Remmert, I Alexander, S Sinha, A Ranjan, JD McDonald, S Gupta, M George, D Kleiner, JL Davis, and JM Hernande

Published August 22, 2019