Department of Surgery Holds 2011 Research Day

Surgery Research Day 2011.

Michael Caty, MD, professor of surgery and pediatrics, and Ajay Panchal, MD.

Published June 2, 2011 This content is archived.

The Department of Surgery held its seventh annual research day May 19 in Harriman Hall.


A total of 43 abstracts were submitted for consideration. From those, 15 oral presentations and 28 poster presentations were selected.

The winners of the oral presentations were:

First Place

Lohith Potineni, MD
“Factors that Influence Remission of Type 2 Diabetes in Bariatric Surgery”

Second Place

Julie Ottosen, MD
“Alagebrium Attenuates Aspiration Induced Pulmonary Inflammatory Response and Improves Pulmonary Function in Mice Fed High Age diet”

Third Place

Joseph Vazzana, MD
“Regulating mTOR for Dendritic Cell Mediated Tumor Immunotherapy”

The winners of the poster presentations were:

First Place

Amy Nosek, BS
“Evaluation of Pediatric Abdominal CT Scans: Are Referring Facilities Following Best Practices?”

Second Place

Oleh Pankewycz, MD
“Low Dose Rabbit Anti-Thymocyte Globulin Induction Therapy Selectively Depletes Blood Lymphocytes but Does Not Promote Treg Expansion”

Third Place

Third Place
Melissa Heffler, MD
“Colon Cancer Growth Is Inhibited by a Novel Fak Autophosphorylation Inhibitor”