Company Founded by MD/PhD Student Announces Alliance

Published September 19, 2011 This content is archived.

NanoAxis, a company launched in 2008 by a student in the MD-PhD Program, has announced an alliance with Quantum Materials Corporation.


Industrial-Scale Production of Quantum Dots

The move will combine Quantum Materials’ colloidal quantum dot mass production technology with NanoAxis’ research expertise and intellectual property in biomedical nanotechnology.

“We see this allliance as bringing industrial-scale production of quantum dots to the cutting edge of nanomedicine research,” says Krishnan Chakravarthy, MD, PhD ’11, founding president of NanoAxis.

Under the agreement, Quantum Materials will develop specialized quantum dots for NanoAxis to functionalize with their proprietary biomedical nanomaterials for use as theranostic devices.

This will give NanoAxis the ability to use quantum dots not only as luminescent imaging agents but also as a “smart” multipurpose platform for delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic functions.