Mayor Celebrates Accomplishments of Hispanic Faculty

Published October 31, 2011 This content is archived.

Updated November 1, 2011 This content is archived.

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown honored two full-time and five volunteer faculty from the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences during a celebration to mark National Hispanic Heritage Month.


At a ceremony titled “Saluting Hispanics in the Medical and Health Care Fields,” Brown praised the accomplishments and leadership of:

Armando Arroyo, MD, assistant professor and interim chair of the Department of Gynecology-Obstetrics

Brown recognized the following volunteer faculty from the Department of Family Medicine:

  • Ellis Gomez, MD
  • Jeanette L. Figueroa, MD
  • Raul Vazquez, MD

From the Department of Medicine:

  • Angel A. Gutierrez, MD

From the Department of Psychiatry:

  • Maria Cartagena, MD

The Oct. 5 ceremony took place in City Hall.