Internal Medicine Teams Receive Quality Improvement Awards

Winners of Quality Improvement Awards.

Left: Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD, and Ravi Chhatrala, MD; Right: Elie Akl, MD, PhD, and Jawad Vaid, MD

Published July 11, 2012 This content is archived.

Two resident-faculty teams in internal medicine have received Quality Improvement Awards from the Office of Graduate Medical Education to help support projects designed to improve patient care or clinical practice.


The teams, each of whom received up to $3,000 in funding, are:

Ravi Chhatrala, MD
Faculty mentor: Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD
Project: “The necessity of screening for depression in outpatient clinic”

Jawad Vaid, MD
Faculty mentor:
Elie Akl, MD, PhD
Project: “Improving patient satisfaction with physician communication on Internal Medicine inpatient teaching services at the Erie County Medical Center”

Other Quality Improvement Award Recipients

The other winning teams are:

Dina Sulaiman, MD
Faculty mentor:
Daniel Morelli, MD
Project: “Readmission rates and quality of care”

Dina Sulaiman, MD
Faculty mentor: David Newberger, MD
Project: “Quality improvement in primary care for patients with diabetes”

Valerie Elberson, MD (neonatology)
Faculty mentor: Anne Marie Reynolds, MD
Project: “Improving performance and delivery room experience for pediatric residents”

Martha Perez, MD
Faculty mentor: Anne Marie Reynolds, MD
Project: “Improving patient hand off in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

Maria Mariano, MD
Faculty mentor: Victoria Brooks, MD
Project: “Improving patient handoff system for the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program”