Wysocki Contributes to Sabretooth Reference

Published December 6, 2018 This content is archived.

The newly published Smilodon: The Iconic Sabertooth includes a chapter authored by a PhD candidate in the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences.

M. Aleksander Wysocki, a doctoral student in the computational cell biology, anatomy and pathology program studying under assistant professor Jack Tseng, PhD, wrote a chapter for the peer-reviewed book, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Intended to be definitive reference on these iconic Pleistocene mammals, the book:

  • covers all major aspects of the animal's natural history, evolution, phylogenetic relationships, anatomy, biomechanics, and ecology,
  • traces all three Smilodon species across both North and South America,
  • brings together original, unpublished research with historical accounts of Smilodon's discovery in nineteenth-century Brazil.