23rd Annual Buffalo DNA Replication & Repair Symposium

Published June 11, 2019

More than 70 students and researchers shared their findings in 24 oral presentations and 19 poster presentations during the annual conference, held May 16th and 17th.


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Wei Yang, National Institutes of Health (NIDDK), gave the keynote presentation “Structure, assembly and reaction chemistry of the DNA replisome.”


  • 9-1-1 DNA Damage Response Clamp Subunit RAD9A Promotes Checkpoint Signaling To Maintain Genome Stability.
    Pereira, Catalina; Guo, Matthew; Patel, Darshil R.; Hong, Ellen S.; Weiss, Robert S.
  • A New Role For DPB11 In Homologous Recombination.
    Sanford, Ethan J., Vega, Stephanie C., & Smolka, Marcus B.
  • Checkpoint And Recombination Pathways Independently Suppress Rates Of Spontaneous Homology-directed Chromosomal Translocations In Budding Yeast.
    Fasullo, Michael, Li Zeng, and Mingzeng Sun.
  • Chromatin Modifiers Alter Recombination Between Divergent DNA Sequences.
    Mackenroth, Beata, Ujani Chakraborty, and Eric Alani.
  • CSB Interacts With BRCA1 In Late S/G2 To Promote MRN- And CTIP- Mediated DNA End Esection.
    Zhu, X.-D., Batenburg, N. L., Walker, J. R., Coulombe, Y., Sherker, A. and Masson, J. Y.
  • DNA Polymerase IOTA Is Regulated By USP7-Mediated Deubiquitination.
    Ashton, Nicholas W., Valles, Gabrielle, Bezsonova, Irina, Woodgate, Roger.
  • Dynamic protein localization is regulated by canonical and novel branches of the replication checkpoint during replication stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
    Ho, Brandon., Raphael Loll-Krippleber, Nikko P. Torres, Ethan Sanford, Marcus B. Smolka, and Grant W. Brown.
  • Effect Of Locus Specific Under Replication In Driving Cancer.
    Kunnev, Dimiter, Amy Freeland, Jianmin Wang, and Steven C. Pruitt.
  • Elucidating the regulation of MUS81-EME1’s nuclease activity.
    Tse Elizabeth, Haley Wyatt.
  • Histone demethylase Jhd1 protects cellular fitness in the presence of elevated dNTP pools.
    Lamb, Natalie A., Marissa Geiger, Yoon Hwang, Natalie Anselmi, Radha Subrahamiam, Jonathan E. Bard, Raphael Loll-Krippleber, Grant W. Brown, Jennifer A. Surtees.
  • Investigating The Role Of PRMT1 In DNA Replication.
    Ferguson, Michael; Yang, Xiaohan; Cheng, Edith; Mollica, Antonio; Brown, Grant.
  • Mechanisms Of Nucleotide Incorporation By The Essential S. aureus DNA Polymerases POLC And DNAE.
    Fagan Sean, Jaremko William, Nelson, Rachel, Mukherjee Purba, Johnson Kenneth, Lahiri Indrajit, Pata Janice.
  • Multiple Conformations Of A Chimeric Y-Family Polymerase Define A Pathway For Aligning Primer-template DNA And dNTP At The Active Site.
    Pata, Janice D., Ryan C. Wilson, Jeremy Bigness, Rachel Nelson and Nilesh Banavali.
  • Multiple Mammalian 9-1-1 DNA Damage Response Complexes Are Important For Meiotic Chromosome Maintenance.
    Guo, Matthew; Downey, Michael; Pereira, Catalina; Tsai, Charlton; Lyndaker, Amy M.; Brieño- Enriquez, Miguel A.; Cohen, Paula E.; and Weiss, Robert S.
  • Mutations In Yeast And Mouse MLH1-MLH3 That Correspond To Human Infertility-associated SNPS Confer Meiotic Defects.
    Pannafino, Gianno, Tina Tran, Priti Singh, Najla Al-Sweel, Robert Fragoza, John Schimenti, Haiyuan Yu, Eric Alani.
  • Point Mutations In The HPV E1 Helicase That Compromise DNA Polymerase Alpha-primase Interaction Ablate HPV DNA Replication.
    Dey-Rao, Rama, Zhenru Liu, Amanda Zunic and Thomas Melendy.
  • SHIELDIN Regulation Of Class-switch Recombination.
    Ling, Alexanda K, Conglei Li, Brendan Wu, Daniel Durocher, Alberto Martin.
  • Studying The Effects Of Impaired DNA Damage Repair On Neurological Behaviors.
    Catlin, James and Schaner Tooley, Christine
  • Synergistic Roles Of CSB And SMARCAL1 In The Resolution Of Replication Stress At ALT Telomeres.
    Batenburg, N. L., Feng, E., Walker, J. R., Ho, A., Mitchell, T. R. H., Qin, J., Zhu, X.-D.
  • The Heptameric Assembly Of TNSC Bound To DNA Reveals The Activation Mechanism Of TN7 Transposition.
    Shen, Yao, Josue Gomez-Blanco, Joaquin Ortega, Joseph Peters, Javier Vargas, and Alba Guarné.
  • The Impact Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Anti-retroviral Drug Exposure In Utero On Meiotic Development And Fertility.
    Saba Zafar, Nadia Sharif, Christina Su, Kayode Balogun, Lena Serghides, Sarah Sabatinos.
  • The Potential For DNA Damage Effects In HIV Antiretroviral Therapy.
    Schybyvolok Iryna, Mohammad Sharif Nadia, Cheung Kyle, Serghides Lena, Sabatinos Sarah.
  • TN7 Inserts Into Horizontally Transmitted DNA By Selectively Interacting With Discontinuous Replication Structures.
    Petassi, Michael, Shan-Chi Hsieh, and Joseph E. Peters.
  • Uncovering The Mechanistic Components Of Phage Exclusion.
    Adams, Myfanwy C., Schiltz, Carl J., Thomason, Lynn C., Hosford, Christopher J., Court, Donald L., Hatfull, Graham F., Chappie, Joshua S.

Poster Presentations

  • Assessing Cancer Chemotherapy Sensitivity And Resistance Relationships For The Pancreatic Cancer Drug Gemcitabine.
    Calcagno Gianluca, Kianfard Zohreh, Sabatinos A. Sarah.
  • Assessing DNA Damage And Replication Instability In Environmentally Stressed Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Checkpoint Mutants.
    Cheung, Kyle, Kianfard, Zohreh, Patel, Pooja & Sabatinos, Sarah A.
  • Cell Cycle-dependent Assembly Of SLX4 Nuclease Complexes.
    Khan M., Panichnantakul P., and Wyatt H.D.M.
  • Dissecting The Functions Of An Evolutionarily Divergent Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase In Trypanosoma Brucei.
    Delzell, Stephanie B., Nelson, Scott W., and Klingbeil, Michele M.
  • Exploiting trypanosome nascent DNA proteomics to identify new drug targets.
    Ahmed, Maira, Bermudez, Yahaira, Rocha, Maria C, Dodard, Garvin, McNamara, Thomas, Günzl, Arthur and Klingbeil, Michele M.
  • Genetic And Biochemical Analyses Of Escherichia Coli DNA Polymerase IV Reveals Novel Interactions With DNA Polymerase III Holoenzyme And Beta Clamp.
    Homiski, Caleb C., Scotland, Michelle K., Schneider, Tyce and Mark D. Sutton.
  • Heterotrimeric PCNA Increases The Activity And Fidelity Of DBH: Investigating The Role Of The Interdomain Linker.
    Mona Gupta, Yifeng Wu, Ryan Wilson and Janice Pata.
  • Identifying the genome-wide localization of the SMX complex.
    Panichnantakul P., Wyatt H.
  • Interrogating The Function Of SNM1A Nuclease Activity In Interstrand Crosslink Repair.
    Grainger, Ryan; Buzon B., Blue T., Junop M.
  • Kinetic Characterization Of POLC, The Major Replicative Polymerase Of Staphylococcus Aureus.
    Jaremko William, Fagan Sean, Nelson Rachel, Mukherjee Purba, Johnson Kenneth, Lahiri Indrajit, Pata Janice.
  • Mechanism of target selectivity of Tn7 Transposition at sites of replication.
    Shreya Krishnan, Yao Shen, Jeremy Caron, Joseph Peters and Alba Guarné.
  • Misregulation Of The MCM Replicative Helicase Is Implicated In Common Fragile Site Breaks In S. Cerevisiae.
    Sanders, Jordan B, Schwacha, Anthony.
  • Recruitment Mechanism Of DNA Polymerases During Homologous Recombination.
    Dineen, Meaghan and Kane, Daniel P.
  • SSB and the RecG DNA helicase: an intimate association to rescue a stalled replication fork.
    Piero R. Bianco, Tianyu Zhao, Yan Liu, Zilin Wang, Rongyan He, Jia Xiang Zhang, Feng Xu, Ming Lei, Michael B. Deci and Juliane Nguyen.
  • Structure Function Analysis Of TNSE: A Protein Responsible For Direction TN7 Transposition Into Lagging Strand DNA Replication.
    Correa III, Alberto; Petassi, Michael; Peters, Joseph.
  • The Endonuclease Domain Of Bacillus Subtilis Mutl Is Functionally Asymmetric.
    Rodríguez González Javiera, Liu Lindab, Ortiz Castro Mary Carmenb, Pillon Monicab and Guarné Albaa.
  • The Impact Of Histone Chaperone Gene Deletions On Cellular Response To Replication Stress And DNA Damage In Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Fission Yeast.
    Da Pra, V., Calhoun, L., Sabatinos, S.A.
  • The Role Of PPRA In Extreme DNA Damage Resistance Of Deinococcus.
    Szabla, Robert, Matthew Czerwinski, Matthew Rok, Keith Wood, Jeffrey Palmer, Murray S. Junop.
  • The WST-8 Enzymatic Assay Used To Test Drug-mediated Growth And Resistance Relationships In Schizosaccharomyces Pombe.
    Scodellaro Sierra, Babbra Sunaina, Kianford Zohreh, and Sabatinos A Sarah.
  • Uncovering The Function Of The Yeast Genome Stability Protein CBF11.
    Vu, Liona, Převorovský, Martin, Sabatinos, Sarah.