See videos about pursuing promotion, developing your personal statement, accessing UB Profile and completing our Annual Faculty Review form. Also, if you’re a new faculty member, get acquainted with the Jacobs School through our series of orientation videos.

The Promotion Process

Faculty members: Learn about the multifaceted process of demonstrating that you are ready for a promotion within the Jacobs School.

Getting Promoted

Developing Your Personal Statement

We walk you through the process of preparing a personal statement that addresses scholarship, teaching and service — and includes future goals for these areas.

How to Write Your Personal Statement

Video Times With Examples

  • 15:35 — Clinical Associate personal statement
  • 24:02 — Clinical Professor personal statement
  • 32:02 — Associate Professor With Tenure personal statement
  • 39:21 — Professor Tenured personal statement

Documents: Examples of Effective Personal Statements

Understanding UB Profile

Learn how to use UB Profile, a tool that will play an integral role in your success at UB. It’s a web-based program that lets you showcase your expertise, employment history, training, grants and professional achievements.

Key Points on UB Profile and Annual Faculty Review for Administrators

Annual Faculty Review

We have annual faculty evaluations and review forms at the Jacobs School. If you’re a faculty member, find out how you can update your department chair about your yearly progress.

Annual Faculty Review Demo and Q&A

New Faculty Orientation

These videos offer an overview of benefits, graduate research education, computing resources, Faculty Council, your faculty profile, library resources and research funding information in the school.


Vanessa Barnabei, MD 

Faculty Affairs and Promotion

Suzanne Laychock, PhD

Faculty Council

Peter Bradford, PhD

Health Sciences Library

Nell Aronoff, MLS

Inclusion and Diversity

Margarita Dubocovich, PhD

Medical Computing

Raymond Dannenhoffer, PhD


Timothy Murphy, MD

Research and Graduate Education

Anthony Campagnari, PhD

Websites and Faculty Profiles

David Anderson