See the potential of flexible teaching with new NSC classroom technology

A professor lectures to a large group of students, most of them on laptops, in the newly redesigned NSC 201 classroom on North Campus.

Published November 12, 2021

In-person or online, in classrooms large and small, learning is about collaboration. Cutting-edge technology in NSC 201 and 225 makes it possible in exciting new ways.


UB faculty were heavily involved in redesigning NSC 201 and 225, identifying the biggest barriers to effective teaching. New technology eliminates these barriers by making it possible to engage students in ways never before possible at UB. 

What’s new in NSC 201 and 225?

  • 30-foot wide video wall displays up to two inputs at once, controlled from the teaching station’s touchscreen control panel. The backlit display is easily visible to everyone in the room, at any ambient light level.
  • The chalkboard camera projects what you’re doing at the front of the classroom to the students all the way in the back. It also makes it possible to share your chalkboard with students virtually on Zoom.
  • Student microphones at every other seat provide a direct way for students (when enabled by the instructor) to ask a question or provide a response that can be heard by the instructor, as well as every student in the room and online.

Additionally, cosmetic upgrades give these rooms a more contemporary look and feel. The hallways outside these rooms have also been redesigned to allow for better flow of traffic.

UB classrooms: fit for the future

NSC 201 and 225 represent the cutting edge of teaching technology at UB. But don't forget: every UB classroom is designed with flexible teaching in mind.

From the classroom’s central teaching station, instructors are in control of classroom visuals, sound, lighting and more. If teaching a a hybrid, partially online class, instructors can livestream classes, or record them for viewing later on, from any central classroom’s teaching station

A collaborative effort

UBIT seeks faculty input through regular focus group and town hall events. Faculty can also share their feedback about UB technology any time by emailing

At a series of listening sessions in early 2021, UB’s classroom team heard from teaching faculty about their biggest challenges after a year of teaching mostly online students. At the top of the list was the ability for everyone—students and instructors alike, in the classroom and joining remotely—to be able to easily see, hear and share with one another.

This new technology addresses that problem by providing additional cameras and displays so instructor content is easily seen by students both in class and online, and additional microphones so students can be heard by students in other parts of the room (or other parts of the world).

Need help? We're here for you!

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