Panopto videos with no views in 18 months to be archived

A man lectures at the front of a UB classroom.

UB instructors can make videos of their lectures using Panopto in most UB classrooms.

Published January 25, 2022

Beginning February 9, 2022, UB will begin archiving Panopto videos that have not been viewed in 18 months. This change will improve Panopto performance and make it easier to find relevant videos.


What happens when a video is archived?

When a video hasn’t been viewed in 18 months, it becomes archived. Videos that are archived aren’t gone, they just no longer appear automatically in search, and must be restored from the archived state before watching.

To include archived videos in search, first make the search on the UB Panopto web interface. Then, check the box labeled Show archived videos next to the search filters.

How do I restore an archived video?

Video editors and viewers can request that an archived video be restored directly using the Panopto web interface. Open the archived video in the Panopto viewer and click Restore from Archive.

Please note that restoring archived videos can take up to 48 hours.

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Learn more and get help with Panopto

For more details about the process of finding and restoring archived videos, visit the Panopto website. For UB-specific information about Panopto, visit the UBIT website at

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