Print kiosks increase convenience, decrease waste

A UB Print Anywhere Kiosk.

A print kiosk in O'Brian Hall on North Campus. Photographer: Douglas Levere

Published April 19, 2023

UB’s Print Anywhere kiosks continue to provide students with convenient printing from mobile devices while reducing the amount of printed pages on campus. In fact, since the kiosks were introduced in 2020, there’s been a 56% reduction in on-campus printing.


Canfield photo.

Michael Canfield joined UB in January 2023 as an IT Communications Specialist for UBIT. A former newspaper reporter with a background in higher ed communication, Michael is also a volunteer firefighter.  When he’s not writing or learning about all things UBIT, Michael likes to spend time with his wife and two English bulldogs, Franky and Grace. He’s also an avid student of the Battle of Gettysburg and a (sometimes) hockey writer.

How’s that?

Before the kiosks were installed, students often had to print materials at a few central locations throughout campus, and would often “fire and forget” print jobs that were never picked up. Now, with kiosks located all over campus, students can print on-the-go, without a wait, and only print exactly what they need when they need it. 

Sustainability in action

UBIT has been part of sustainability discussions on campus and is eager to help reduce UB’s environmental footprint wherever possible. That’s why reducing the amount of paper used on campus was so important to us. 

There are other ways UBIT is cutting back on paper use. The printers no longer use cover pages, which saves nearly two million sheets of paper per year. The use of OneDrive and UBbox file storage and sharing has also helped alleviate the need for printed pages. UBIT Print Anywhere kiosks also use paper made from waste sugar cane stalks, and is 100% tree-free. 

New to UB printing?

All UB students receive a quota of pages to print each semester that can be used from any of the 40+ printing kiosks on campus. Print with ease from any computer, smartphone, or USB drive.

For help with UB Print Anywhere, contact Wepa support at 1-800-675-7639, or visit