Orientation Committee

Hello everyone!

We’re your Orientation Committee for the Class of 2028! First and foremost, congratulations and welcome! We are very excited for orientation week and the start of the school year in August. 

We will be sending you a lot of information about orientation over the next couple months, so be sure to check your emails regularly and stay up to date with all the information we have provided for you. Our goal is to make this as easy of a transition as possible. So please, if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask! You can send any questions to our orientation email account jsmbsorientation@gmail.com or directly to any one of our Orientation Committee leaders. We are here to help! 

Can’t wait to meet all of you! 

- Your Orientation Committee

David Barkevich.

Name:  David Barkevich

Hometown: Halfmoon, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: SUNY Cobleskill, Animal Science B.S. with a minor in Chemistry

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): No

Favorite Part of Medical School: The connections I’ve made with my classmates and friends! Medical school is a unique environment that strongly enhances and encourages forming bonds with your peers.

Medical School Organizations: Ortho interest group, Orientation committee, Ortho summer research program

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Tacos, Community, and Beer; Mister Sizzles

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Bills-related festivities and exploring Buffalo! There’s a lot to see in the city and I’m constantly discovering new things

Hobbies: Working out, rock climbing, hiking, relaxing with a good book or video games

Fun Fact: I’m proficient in the winter sport, Curling! 

Email: debarkev@buffalo.edu

Brianna Friend.

Name: Brianna Friend

Hometown: Horseheads, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo, Biomedical Sciences major/Neuroscience and Psychology minor

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): I did not take a gap year

Favorite Part of Medical School:  I absolutely loved gross anatomy! The lab is such a great place to learn, especially for the kinesthetic learners and I looked forward to going in every week. It is also a great way to get to meet and bond with a bunch of your classmates.

Medical School Organizations: Community Engagement Class Representative, Friends of the Family treasurer, GI Interest Group Secretary, Oncology Co-President, Medicine for Tomorrow volunteer, Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic volunteer, and the Orientation Committee

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Depends on the day! Frankie Primo's, Taqueria Los Mayas, Ted's, Campfire Grill, Big Ditch, Lake Effect (the best Ice Cream), Allen Burger Venture

Favorite Buffalo Activity: There's so much to do in Buffalo from exploring Delaware Park, to shows at Shea's, to Food Truck Tuesdays, to visiting the cat cafe, to Saturday evening Bingo, I can't decide

Hobbies: Sewing, photography, reading, binging the newest reality tv show, and playing with my two kittens (that I adopted from the cat cafe!)

Fun Fact:  I am scuba diving certified

Email: bcfriend@buffalo.edu

Emilie Harley.

Name: Emilie Harley

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: Robert Morris University – BS biology / chemistry minor

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Played two years of professional women’s hockey and worked as the Education Coordinator at the Jacobs Institute

Favorite Part of Medical School: Anatomy lab

Medical School Organizations: Frank Hastings Hamilton Surgical Society, Orthopedics Interest Group, Project Sunshine, Pediatrics Interest Group

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Chris’s sandwich co, Colter Bay, Fat Bob’s Smokehouse

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Bills game

Hobbies: Coaching, triathlon, baking

Fun Fact: I am a Canadian and American dual citizen

Email: emilieha@buffalo.edu

Jessica Israel.

Name: Jessica Israel

Hometown: Rockland County, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: The University at Buffalo, biomedical science major/public health minor

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): After earning my M.A in biology, I spent two gap years working as a medical assistant for a local fertility clinic here in Buffalo.

Favorite Part of Medical School: The amazing people I’ve met and the quick friendships we’ve built!

Medical School Organizations: Jewish Medical Student Association president, Orientation Committee, Heart Smart volunteer

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Bar Bill, Fat Bob’s Smokehouse, and Roost

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Food Truck Tuesdays and Bills’ games!

Hobbies: Baking and reading

Fun Fact: I was a figure skater when I was younger (but I wasn’t very good)

Email: jmisrael@buffalo.edu

Miles LaNicca.

Name: Miles LaNicca

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: Case Western Reserve University, Biology B.S.

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Yes, Medical assistant

Favorite Part of Medical School: Meeting my class and engaging in meaningful medical volunteering with the Buffalo community

Medical School Organizations: Program Manager of UB HEALS, Orthopedic interest group member

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Chefs, Chophouse

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Trying new local breweries, distilleries, and restaurants

Hobbies: Aquascaping, Homebrewing, DIY projects, Rock-climbing

Fun Fact: I love learning new skills and have been a bartender at a distillery, a wine tender at a vineyard, a landscaper, and a handyman 

Email: mileslan@buffalo.edu

Anneke Parkinson.

Name: Anneke Parkinson

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo, Exercise Science major with pre-health concentration

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): I took two gap years. During my first gap year I worked as an Exercise Specialist in the Buffalo community working with the underserved population to improve their health outcomes with exercise and diet changes. I completed the AMSNY Post- Baccalaureate program during my second gap year.

Favorite Part of Medical School: My new friends! I really enjoy meeting new people with similar interests and I’m so excited that I get to share this journey with them.

Medical School Organizations: NYS mentoring Program, Anesthesiology Interest Group President, Student National Medical Association, Orientation Committee

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Andale 2, Bratt’s Hill, Bada Bing, Don Tequila

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Food Trucks, Canal side, Bills Game

Hobbies: Cooking, Knitting, Canoeing, Content Creation

Fun Fact: I was born in Jamaica and moved to NY when I was 10 years old.

Email: annekepa@buffalo.edu

Raymond Richards.

Name: Raymond Richards

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo, Biomedical Sciences

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Yes, 1 gap year working at urgent care.

Favorite Part of Medical School: The camaraderie and community throughout the student body.

Medical School Organizations: Curriculum Committee, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Billy Club, Bar Bill, Big Ditch Brewing Company

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Touring the Richardson-Olmsted Campus, Canalside

Hobbies: Cooking, Powerlifting

Fun Fact: My girlfriend’s uncle is the voice of Spongebob.

Email: rtrichar@buffalo.edu

Joe Ricottone.

Name: Joe Ricottone

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY 

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University of Rochester—B.S. in Molecular Genetics; Minor in Music

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): During my gap year, I worked at a research lab in UB's biology department. The research revolved around the effects of specific post-translational modifications upon protein function at the molecular level.

Favorite Part of Medical School: My favorite part has been the academic atmosphere. Being surrounded by a large group of people all with similar core interests and passions while being able to learn as a group about such complex and applicable knowledge has been an honor.

Medical School Organizations: I have mainly participated in HeartSmart and Medicine for Tomorrow as well as Frank Hastings Hamilton Surgical Society, Lighthouse, and UB HEALS.

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: For downtown, Mr. Sizzle's; for anywhere in Buffalo, Bar Bill.

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Watching the sunset from either from the less crowded end of the waterfront or from Chestnut Ridge.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, video games, and watching movies.

Fun Fact: I might be the only person alive to have Razzles as their favorite candy.

Email: jricotto@buffalo.edu