Orientation Committee

Hello Everyone!

We’re your Orientation Committee for the Class of 2025! First and foremost, congratulations and welcome! We are very excited for orientation week and the start of the school year in August. 

We will be sending you a lot of information about orientation over the next couple months, so be sure to check your emails regularly and stay up to date with all the information we have provided for you. Our goal is to make this as easy of a transition as possible. So please, if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask! You can send any questions to our orientation email account jsmbsorientation@gmail.com or directly to any one of our Orientation Committee Leaders. We are here to help! 

Can’t wait to meet all of you! 

Your OC: Salma, Ashley, Bradley, Alyssa, Danielle, Julian, Manhal, Xiane

Name: Salma Attai

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo, Biomedical Sciences

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Yes! I loved working as a medical scribe at a local ED, a medical assistant, and a clinical laboratory scientist during my gap years. I still keep in touch with some of the physicians I met as a medical scribe, and I still think about some of the patients and regulars I had connected with as a medical assistant. You don’t know how much you’ve learned from an experience or a patient until after the fact, so I always try to keep an open mind and heart in everything that I do. My absolute favorite activity during my gap years was instructing BodyPump and HIIT classes at a few local gyms, including UB! I am really looking forward to getting back into it once group fitness classes are back in session!

Favorite Part of Medical School: The wholesome friendships I've made here with classmates and professors are things I am truly grateful for. I love how much opportunity there is at Jacobs and I appreciate how much hard work exists in this journey. I already feel myself transforming into a better version of myself, even after just one year.

Medical School Organizations: Medical School Polity, Admissions Committee, and Orientation Committee!

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Crave King (try the Fahsa!), Alibaba Kebab, Tappo, Abyssinia, Shawarma City, and West Side Bazaar for trying new things! Also, whenever you get the chance, please do yourself a favor and check out Bamiyan Kabob, Kandahar Kabab, and Paramount in Mississauga, Ontario. (I really love kababs!)

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Ice skating at Canalside, Allentown art festivals, Erie County fairs, Devil's Hole trail, Taste of Buffalo

Hobbies: Photography, reading Rumi, hiking, annoying my siblings, cooking, traveling, attempting to ski, and exploring different coffee shops around town. 

Fun Fact: My name means peace!

Email: salmaatt@buffalo.edu

Name: Ashley Gutierrez

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: UC San Diego  Human Biology Major/Business Minor

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Yes, 3 gap years. In one year, I completed UC San Diego's Contiguous BS/MS program and received my Master's in General Biology. Afterwards, I worked at a biotechnology company for about two years. 

Favorite Part of Medical School: My favorite memories of medical school include LMSA events, SNMA events, and working with my anatomy group. 

Medical School Organizations: LMSA Secretary, Emergency Medicine Interest Group Co-President, Med/Peds Interest Group Co-President, Heart Smart Co-President, Best Buddies Co-President, Orientation Committee, SNMA member 

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Allen Burger Venture, Fry Baby Donuts

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Visiting Canalside 

Hobbies: Running, Painting, Yoga 

Fun Fact: I backpacked Europe during the winter break of my senior year of college. Within a few weeks, I visited the

Netherlands, England, Spain, France, and Germany. 

Email: gutierr4@buffalo.edu

Name: Bradley T. Jensen

Hometown: Buffalo (Orchard Park, NY)

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: Major in Biomedical Sciences at UB!

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): Yes -- I took one gap year, during which I read books, traveled to Colorado twice, and worked! My jobs were: MA for a local infectious disease specialist; Research associate for the Structural Heart Team at GVI.

Favorite Part of Medical School: Anatomy was a humbling and intense experience. I will always look back with fond memories, and appreciate the gift our donors gave to us. Also, let’s hear it for CPM where you are allowed to wack each other in the knees with reflex hammers and actually earn points on an exam.

Medical School Organizations: Polity (Phase 1 Committee, Class of 2024 Representative, some other committees too), Siegel Award Committee, MEERI Advisory Group, Christian Medical and Dental Association Co-President
Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: If you like wings, you need to get to Bar Bill in East Aurora. Also in East Aurora is The Roycroft, which is a very nice place to go to dinner, or Sunday brunch! The Roycroft also has artisan pieces if you like metal work, wood work, pottery, etc (to look at, not to eat…)  

Favorite Buffalo Activity: If you get the chance to go to a Bills game, bring a spare os coxae so that you can break a table! Seriously, the game and tailgate are an amazing time. Grab a group, find some cheap tickets all together, and be sure to enjoy the pre- and post-game activities! If you’re not into sports, Orchard Park also has an easy hike to the Eternal Flame (Chestnut Ridge Park). Plan it right, and you can watch the sunset over Buffalo from the hillside at the park. Outer Harbor in Buffalo is a really nice place to hangout and enjoy the waterfront! Check out Knox farm in East Aurora too! There’s a dog park, endless photo spots, and beautiful birds (plumage and singing).

Hobbies: I am currently learning the violin (and doing a terrible job at it); I’m a sucker for anything Harry Potter (go Gryffindor!) and also love Star Wars; I have 24 flowering plants and am currently reading “The Triumph of Seeds;” Soccer, hockey, and golf are my sports; Anki (hahahahaha JUST KIDDING)

Fun Fact: John Williams was my most listened to artist for 2020. Something tells me he will secure the dub two years in a row!

Email Address: btjensen@buffalo.edu

Name: Alyssa Reese

Hometown: Hilton, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo.  Majors: BS - Biomedical Sciences and BA - Social Sciences Interdisciplinary with a concentration in Legal Studies.  Minor: Spanish.

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): N/A

Favorite Part of Medical School: My favorite part of medical school has been making connections with classmates, physician mentors, and members of the community through shadowing, research, club involvement, and community service.

Medical School Organizations: Orientation Committee, Co-Vice President of Policy of JSMBS Chapter of AMA/MSSNY, Co-President of Chekhov Society, Co-President of D-Link, Co-President of ENT Student Interest Group, Member of UB’s Human Rights Initiative, Medical Humanities Steering Committee, Curriculum Revision and Redesign Committee, and Choreographer/Member of UB’s The Royal Pitches A Cappella

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Zoe’s, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Break’n Eggs, Churn Soft Serve, La Divina Tacos, and Lloyd Taco Factory

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Walking along the Niagara River at Niawanda Park

Hobbies: Arranging music, singing, dancing, exploring new hiking trails, finding new restaurants on Yelp, and playing the clarinet, piano, and ukelele

Fun Fact: I have a 2 year old Bichon Frise named Luna.

Email Address: adreese@buffalo.edu

Name: Danielle Rambuss

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: I attended SUNY Albany where I majored in Psychology with minors in Biology and Education

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): I did not take any gap years

Favorite Part of Medical School: My favorite part of medical school has been the people I have had the opportunity to meet this past year. There is nothing more bonding than going through the stress of medical school during a pandemic together.

Medical School Organizations: I am co-president of SIGN (the student interest group in neurology). I am also a member of PsychSIGN and the PM&R interest group.

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: It really depends on what kind of food I am in the mood for! This is controversial but I absolutely love Buffalo pizza; my favorite is chicken finger pizza from John’s. I also love Touch of Italy which is right by my house. And then Rachel’s for falafel.

Favorite Buffalo Activity: When the weather is nice I really enjoy going bike riding. There are so many beautiful trails around here. Some of my favorites are the ones that go through UB North Campus, Niawanda River, and Canalside. And then of course Canalside is really nice just to walk around in the summer and to go ice skating during the winter.

Hobbies: As previously mentioned I like bike riding. I also like to bake and hike.

Fun Fact: I love amusement parks; growing up we would go to a new one every summer. I have been to most amusement parks along the East coast at this point. Going off of that, I have been on the 1st and 2nd tallest rollercoasters in the world.

Email Address: dcrambus@buffalo.edu

Name: Julian Saleh 

Hometown: Buffalo (Williamsville), NY 

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo - Biomedical Sciences

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): 1 gap year - I worked full time as a medical scribe/medical assistant for urgent care. I also finished up my undergraduate research investigating predictors of postpartum depression trajectories among smoking women. 

Favorite Part of Medical School: Anatomy! I loved being able to do something hands-on and I had a great time with my lab partners. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know my classmates, everyone that I’ve talked to so far has been super cool and friendly! 

Medical School Organizations: Content Creator for UB Medical Admissions Instagram, Orientation Committee

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: El Ranchito, Cantina Loco, Burrito Bay, Mooney’s (there’s a whole page with different types of mac and cheese!), Sweet Life, Ted’s Hot Dogs, Anderson’s Frozen Custard, Paula’s Donuts, Bagel Jay’s, Original Pancake House, and so many more! 

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Allentown Art Festival, visiting the Botanical Gardens and Albright-Knox Museum, trips to Canalside, Bills games, shopping at Buffalo small businesses, and Tim Hortons coffee runs.

Hobbies: Eating (if you couldn’t tell), listening to music and singing to my dogs, photography, thrift shopping, field hockey, playing viola

Fun Fact: I am half Lebanese and love making Lebanese food with my family

Email Address: jgsaleh@buffalo.edu

Name: Manhal Siddiqi 

Hometown: Buffalo (Amherst), NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: University at Buffalo, Majors in Biomedical Sciences & Psychology 

Gap Year (If yes, what did you do during your gap year): None

Favorite Part of Medical School: Late nights studying for anatomy. Hear me out - when you've been in the lab for hours in the middle of the night, running low on sleep, surrounded by the smell of formaldehyde, things start to get really funny. Some of my best memories came from those late-night hours in the lab. 

Medical School Organizations: Association of Women Surgeons Co-Founder, Frank Hastings Hamilton Surgical Society, Human Rights Initiative Member, Orientation Committee

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Jasmine's (Thai), Inchin's Bamboo Garden (Indo-Chinese), Lake Effect Ice Cream, La Divina (Mexican), Fresh Catch Poke Co. (Poke Bowls), Wasabi (Sushi), Shawarma City

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Allentown Art Festival, Taste of Buffalo, day trips to Toronto, trying new restaurants 

Hobbies: Baking, Henna, Cooking, Traveling, watching Bollywood movies 

Fun Fact: I've broken 9 bones throughout my life, and my vitamin D levels are basically non-existent 

Email Address: manhalsi@buffalo.edu

Name: Xiane Smith

Hometown: Lakewood, NY

Undergraduate College and Major/Minor: SUNY Geneseo, Biochemistry Major and Mathematics Minor

Gap Year: N/A

Favorite Part of Medical School: There are so many great things about medical school, but the wonderful friendships I have made so far in this journey have been the absolute best!

Medical School Organizations: Orientation Committee, EMSA member, Pediatric Interest Group member

Favorite Restaurants in Buffalo: Cafe 59, Asian Street Food, Hydraulic Hearth, Saigon Cafe, Taqueria Los Mayas

Favorite Buffalo Activity: Walking around Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, Canalside, (looking forward to exploring more of Buffalo outside of COVID!!)

Hobbies: running, hiking, skiing

Fun Fact: My name is my parents' names combined in Chinese!

Email address: xianesmi@buffalo.edu