Useful links and information for students covering finances, policy,campus and area housing, school information, UB Student Medical Insurance Policy and Disability Insurance.

  • 5/10/21
    The Financial Aid Office will be presenting a general informational session during orientation week reviewing topics such as cost of attendance and federal financial aid processes.  The 21-22 estimated cost of attendance and other pertinent financial aid information is already available to students through their HUB Student Center.  The Financial Aid website also provides an overview of cost of attendance year, financial aid disbursement and census dates as well as additional resources to assist students in their financial budgeting for the academic year.
  • 7/14/21
    UB requires that all full-time students have health coverage, so students will be automatically enrolled. If you have coverage, a waiver must be completed using the online process.
  • 5/10/21
    Information about on-campus and off-campus housing. It also includes valuable information from UB Polity, Medicine's Student Government.
  • 8/19/21
    This FAQ page is updated by the Office of Student and Academic Affairs to assist students who have questions about the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
  • 6/15/20
    The purpose of this document is to define student mistreatment and provide mechanisms for reporting violations.
  • 6/15/20
    UB medical students are automatically enrolled in a disability insurance plan after paying the $75 annual premium that’s part of the fall tuition bill. Students can see the charge displayed on the cost of attendance page.