• 6/1/21
    A welcome message from Alan J. Lesse, MD, senior associate dean for medical curriculum
  • 4/9/21
    Explanation of the registration process, deadlines and the SMBS Course Book which outlines the School of Medicine curriculum.
  • 5/14/21
    Overview of the first year's fall schedule, modules and holidays.
  • 6/15/20
    Listing of books for both fall and spring semesters of year one.
  • 6/16/20
    Explanation of minimum requirements of your current Windows or Apple computer and suggested requirements if purchasing a new computer. Also covers a bit on the use of tablets as well as software needed and availability.
  • 6/15/20
    Explains the need, use and purchase of Top Hat Software.
  • 7/20/21
    A letter from Dr. Andrew Symons that touches on Clinical Practice of Medicine during the first year as well as the required clinical Instruments.