Sailee Rasam

Sailee Rasam.

Sailee Rasam

Sailee Rasam

BPharm ’13, Mumbai University
MS '16, Biotechnology, University at Buffalo

Thesis Title


Research Publications


  • Wang, X., S. Shen, S. S. Rasam and J. Qu (2019). "MS1 ion current-based quantitative proteomics: A promising solution for reliable analysis of large biological cohorts." Mass Spectrometry Reviews 38(6): 461-482. 
  • Santha, S., X. Ling, I. A. M. Aljahdali, S. S. Rasam, X. Wang, J. Liao, J. Wang, C. Fountzilas, Q. Li, J. Qu and F. Li (2020). "Mutant Kras as a Biomarker Plays a Favorable Role in FL118-Induced Apoptosis, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Production and Modulation of Survivin, Mcl-1 and XIAP in Human Bladder Cancer." Cancers 12(11): 3413. 
  • Shen, S., M. Zhang, M. Ma, S. Rasam, D. Poulsen and J. Qu (2021). "Potential Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Methamphetamine Treatment in Traumatic Brain Injury Defined by Large-Scale IonStar-Based Quantitative Proteomics." International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(5): 2246. 
  • Shen, S., J. Li, S. Huo, M. Ma, X. Zhu, S. Rasam, X. Duan, M. Qu, M. A. Titus and J. Qu (2021). "Parallel, High-Quality Proteomic and Targeted Metabolomic Quantification Using Laser Capture Microdissected Tissues." Analytical Chemistry 93(25): 8711-8718.

Professional/Educational Meetings/Abstracts

  • Sailee Rasam; Shichen Shen; Qingxiang Lin; Xue Wang; Robert Straubinger; Jun Qu. Effects of New Combination Therapy in Gemcitabine-Sensitive and Resistant Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines Using Highly Reproducible, Ion-Current Based Quantitative Proteomics. ASMS 2019. 
  • Sailee Rasam; Brian R. Weil; John M. Canty, Jr.; Jun Qu. Quantitative Proteomic and Phosphoproteomic Profiling of Myocardial Remodeling in a Porcine Model of Left Ventricular Stiffening Following Chronic Repetitive Pressure-Overload. ASMS 2020 (Virtual) 
  • Sailee Rasam; Shichen Shen; Shuo Qian; Ming Zhang; Jun Qu. Enhancement on IonStar Using Off-line Fractionation to Increase Protein Quantitative Depth. ASMS 2020. (Virtual) 
  • Sailee Rasam; Shichen Shen; Qingxiang Lin; Robert M. Straubinger; Jun Qu A highly-robust, reproducible, quantitative proteomics pipeline reveals metabolic, apoptotic, and immunological responses of pancreatic cancer cells to novel drug combinations. ASMS 2021