Rob Foxenberg, PhD ‘07

IGPBS alumnus Rob Foxenberg, PhD '08.

Rob Foxenberg learned vital career skills in the PPBS.

Rob Foxenberg, a toxicologist at Kimberly-Clark, conducts safety assessments on toiletries in development, monitoring new science on ingredients.

He says he owes much of his success to the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences.

“Taking part in classes and discussions outside of my department made me more rounded and adaptable. It served to broaden both my skill set and general knowledge, which is vital in a career. Being able to participate on interdisciplinary teams and not having a narrow view is important for advancing within a corporation.”

Foxenberg advises students not to focus on one discipline too quickly. Lab rotations provide exposure and training in a range of disciplines and laboratory techniques, so it’s not unusual to develop an interest in a field that wasn’t considered before the rotation.

“Allow time to have multiple and varying experiences so that you develop yourself more fully as a scientist,” Foxenberg says. “This will also give you more assurance that the department and mentor you choose is really your best fit for future success.”