Kevin Kransler, PhD '08

IGPBS alumnus Kevin Kransler, PhD, '08.

For Kevin Kransler, senior toxicologist for ExxonMobil, finding the right graduate school is all about asking the right questions.

For Kevin Kransler, PhD ’08, finding the right graduate school is all about asking relevant questions. He recommends, for example, that prospective students ask themselves:

  • Will you be happy spending the next five to six years in this program?
  • Will you have the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned faculty?
  • Is there an open learning environment?
  • Are state-of-the-art facilities and resources available?

“The answer to each of these questions is ‘yes,’ says Kransler about the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences. “Unlike other graduate programs, the Jacobs School’s PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences allows you to ‘test the waters’ in multiple departments to find the right fit.

“I found this enjoyable because I was exposed to several scientific disciplines that I had not previously considered.”

UB offered Kransler a solid academic background, multiple opportunities for collaborative research and extensive external networking. “When I graduated and was ready to begin my career, I had multiple job offers.”