The Jacobs School Graduate Student Ambassador Program

Our Graduate Student Ambassadors are a group of doctoral students who assist in mentoring current students, recruiting new students and answering questions from prospective students.

  • Event and Recruitment Team: participates in recruitment activities and events, such as PPBS Interview Days and Orientation
  • Mentor Team: provides peer support to current and incoming graduate students by helping them navigate graduate school

Event and Recruitment Team Leaders

Emily Ivey.

Emily Ivey

Doctoral candidate, microbiology and immunology
: Katonah, N.Y.
Undergrad: University of Rochester
Fun Fact: I used to work as a lighting designer for theater and concerts.
What advice would you give to a first-year student?: The advice I would give a new student is to find what hours of the day you are most productive, and try to do as much work as you can in those hours.

Janie McGlohon.

Janie McGlohon

Doctoral candidate, biochemistry
: El Paso, Texas
Undergrad: Texas A&M University
Fun Fact: I’m currently training in Muay Thai!
Why did you choose UB?: I applied to UB’s program because of the opportunity to rotate before matching/joining a lab, as well as having the opportunity to rotate through different departments. For example, I was initially interested in joining the pharmacology and toxicology department, but then I rotated in the biochemistry department and found my home.

Katie Sortino.

Katie Sortino

Doctoral candidate, microbiology and immunology
: Rochester, N.Y.
Undergrad: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Fun Fact: I was a competitive tap dancer growing up.
What advice would you give to a first-year student?: Before starting at UB, I was worried about the transition to grad school. I took a year off after undergrad and didn’t know how I would adjust back to taking classes/studying while also performing research. Having a connection with my cohort helped immensely with the transition process, as they provided personal and professional support throughout the first year. They could relate to my same struggles and were there to help with classes. On top of that, the professors at UB are extremely supportive, and they understand the hardships students face through grad school. It also helps to make time for yourself and step away from the academics every now and then. I enjoy visiting the great hiking trails and parks that Buffalo has, as well as going to Bills and Sabres games. Grad school is tough, but having a supportive scientific community and making time for yourself will help you to succeed.

Mentor Team Leaders

Natalie Anselmi.

Natalie Anselmi

Doctoral candidate, oral biology
Centerport, N.Y.
Undergrad: Binghamton University
Fun Fact: I have a cat that I’ve trained to give high fives on command.
What advice would you give to a first-year student? My most important piece of advice for first-year students is to make sure you spend some time on non-work/school hobbies. Also, have a regular sleep schedule!

Isabella Schember.

Molly Martin

Doctoral candidate, neuroscience
: Rochester, N.Y.
Undergrad: Allegheny College
Fun Fact: I have been to 49 out of the 50 states.
What advice would you give to a first-year student?: Advice I would give is to explore the area. Buffalo has a lot of fun hikes and places to go around it. You can always find something to do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get to know your cohort and the current grad students.