Core Facilities

CTSI Translational Imaging Center

Robert Zivadinov.

Robert Zivadinov, MD, PhD, directs the CTRC Translational Imaging Center.  

Premier Research Imaging

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Our powerful scanners provide the highest available resolution.

Multiple Modalities
Choose the platform that best advances your scientific needs: MRI, CT or PET-CT.

Dedicated to Research

We’re devoted exclusively to clinical and preclinical research, so there’s no need to compete with clinical priorities.

Ready Access

Our facility is open and available to investigators at UB and throughout the Buffalo Translational Consortium.

High-Resolution Scanning Equipment

  • Toshiba Vantage Titan 3 Tesla MRI
  • 9.4-Tesla Bruker Biospec preclinical MR Imager with cryoprobe
  • GE Discovery 690 PET-CT scanner

Common Data Platform; Remote Access Capability

Your local and national collaborators will benefit from a common platform for storing, analyzing and sharing imaging data.

Your colleagues, including those at remote sites, can rapidly access de-identified image data linked to demographic, clinical and outcome data.

Research Applications

  • MRI protocols for disease diagnosis and monitoring investigational therapy
  • differential clinical applications of MRI, including cost effectiveness and patient outcome studies
  • functional MRI for behavioral science research
  • high-resolution tissue sample imaging
  • PET molecular imaging of novel compounds and new imaging agents
  • high-resolution CT capable of coronary artery imaging

Training, Consultation Opportunities

We offer:
  • expertise and consultation to more widely incorporate standard and advanced imaging into preclinical and clinical translational research protocols
  • training targeted to disease-specific substrates with strong expertise in cardiac and neurological imaging
    • novel advanced molecular imaging techniques
    • anatomic analyses
    • functional MRI
    • PET kinetic analysis


UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute
875 Ellicott St., 7th Floor
Buffalo, N.Y. 14203

Contact Information

100 High St. E-2, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203

Phone: (716) 859-7040; Fax: (716) 859-7066