Surgical Skills Lab

This state-of-the-art training facility provides educational opportunities to everyone from high school students just entering STEM programs to board-certified surgeons.

As the core value of UB RISE, education, we take pride in educating learners at every level.

Resources and Equipment

  • laparoscopic trainer carts
  • Stryker laparoscopic surgical tower with monitor, processor, light source, insufflator
  • Megadyne tissue cutters
  • Argon beamer
  • “inanimates”
  • GoPros
  • VirtaMed simulator
  • Touch of Life Technologies stand with computer and Rexroth hookup
  • Arthrex arthroscopy towers
  • Elmd-500 CGF Health System
  • Mariner Endosurgery machine
  • Cameras in surgical lights
  • 72-inch touchscreen monitors linked together and connected to internet
  • 21 stations available with ceiling surgical lights, power and gas supply lines for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and vacuum — setup can be changed for different training requirements to allow groups to be working separately or at the same time
  • Access to the Gross Anatomy Flex Labs that can accommodate 34 surgical tables per training session

Services and Training

  • Host educational cadaveric labs for our general surgery residents to build a foundation of knowledge and develop their skills.
  • Host STEM events for high school students to practice surgical techniques and host interdisciplinary programs to inspire innovation and entrepreneurism for medical students, residents and graduate-level business, law and engineering students.
  • The skills lab can serve as a classroom to provide physicians an opportunity to hone their skills at one of the 21 endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical stations.
  • Cameras are integrated within the surgical lights that connect to the 72-inch touchscreen monitors in the lab and the state-of-the art debriefing rooms adjacent to the lab. Recording, streaming and storage of the educational sessions is available. This technology-enabled lab allows us to provide content to remote users, whether they view the video on a monitor in the lab or conference room or a location outside of the university.
  • Industry-sponsored surgical skills labs are held to teach residents and fellows how to use surgical tools.


Surgical Skills Lab

955 Main Street, Room 7130
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Buffalo, New York 14203

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