• Behling Human Simulation Center
    Our state-of-the-art educational center brings together students from all five health sciences disciplines—medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and dentistry—to learn as members of a team.
  • Margaret L. Wendt Foundation Clinical Competency Center
    Our dedicated clinical competency center prepares medical students for national competency exams with real-world interactive scenarios featuring standardized patients.
  • Moog Inc. Engineering Suite
    This lab provides a location to conduct the human factors experiments for health care improvement, with particular emphasis on surgical training and usability evaluations.
  • Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Center of Excellence in Sports Medicine Skills Lab
    Our laboratory simulates the arthroscopic operating room using realistic synthetic joint models and cadaveric specimens.
  • Surgical Skills Lab
    This state-of-the-art training facility provides educational opportunities to everyone from high school students just entering STEM programs to board-certified surgeons.
  • Tjota Advanced Procedure Suite
    In this custom-designed space, advanced robotic technology will be optimized for training and research, and new devices will be developed for use in the operating room.