Tjota Advanced Procedure Suite

In this custom-designed space, advanced robotic technology will be optimized for training and research, and new devices will be developed for use in the operating room.

Individual labs within the suite support work on a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic testing devices while providing the privacy needed for development of proprietary innovations.

This space supports collaboration between campus colleagues and industry partners focusing on the use of robotics in surgery and data collection. It is where the next generation of health care professionals will train, and where faculty, students and industry partners will collaborate.

Resources and Equipment

  • TransEnterix Senhance minimally invasive surgical robot
  • da Vinci surgical robot by Intuitive
  • Google Verb robot
  • Medtronic Einstein
  • CMR Surgical’s Versius surgical robotic system
  • LaparoGuard by Mariner Endosurgery 
  • cameras in surgical lights
  • Megadyne tissue cutters
  • Argon beamer
  • anesthetic ventilators
  • Stryker laproscopic tower equiped with a monitor, processor, light source and insufflator

Services and Training

  • Physicians from around the world are credentialed to do clinical work on the minimally invasive robots.
  • Good Laboratory Pracctice-compliant room in which industry partners can perform pre-clinical studies to be submitted for approval from the Food and Drug Administration.
  • As part of the graduate medical curriculum, upper-level residents and fellows have the opportunity to use the surgical robots on non-vivo and cadaveric models.
  • Surgical residents on research sabbatical can perform their studies here.


Tjota Advanced Procedure Suite

955 Main Street, Room 7120
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Buffalo, New York 14203

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