• Device Evaluation

    We have four advanced procedure suites for medical device tool evaluation on inanimate and animate models. University at Buffalo faculty clinicians can provide verbal or written feedback in our Good Laboratory Practice-compliant lab space.

  • In-Service Training Space

    Our facilities are available for teaching, development of skills and evaluative courses.

  • Medical Device Development

    Our facility features:

    • 21 computer workstations in the surgical skills area for research teaching and simulations
    • 3D printing facility
    • facility where engineering and structural scientists can collaborate
    • fully equipped structural science visualization room that includes a 12-foot, high-resolution touchscreen monitor; full video conferencing equipment; and software for working with human structural data
  • Medical Testing

    Medical, engineering and computer science faculty and students can leverage their expertise with state-of-the-art equipment to produce actionable comprehensive data to develop and iterate on existing surgical and diagnostic tools.

  • Simulation Environment

    We are committed to providing current and future generations of health care providers and innovators with a state-of-the-art instructional and developmental environment using medical simulation technology to promote superior clinical care and improve patient safety. This innovative learning environment is conducive to advancing skills and critical thinking. Working with our industry partners, we will create and advance the development of new clinical and educational tools and techniques for better health care outcomes in the future.

  • Usability Studies

    We collaborate with the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for UB SURGe, which incorporates human factors comprehension, technology and applied learning techniques for evaluating and teaching how to properly use equipment and instrumentation in the modern-day operating suite.

  • Vivarium

    In conjunction with the Comparative Medicine and Laboratory Animal Facilities, the vivarium provides guidance and support for animal care, research and education as well as protocol development and training for Good Laboratory Practice-compliant animal work.