Community Service

UB HEALS Group of medical students.

UB HEALS team members.

Students and faculty in our school participate in a wide variety of outreach efforts in the community that foster lifelong learning and promote healthy lifestyles.

Community Education

  • 4/9/20
    This facility, also known as the Museum of Neuroanatomy, is a highly valued educational resource for the community. It features more than 80 elegantly displayed and carefully illuminated brain specimens that can be viewed by visitors from a variety of angles.
  • 3/4/20
    “Girl Scouts Go to Medical School” is an annual event led by UB medical students.
  • 1/24/19
    The Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection in the Health Sciences Library includes instruments, monographs and journal volumes from the 19th century.
  • 1/24/18
    The Mini-Medical School is the enormously popular community lecture series dealing with subjects traditionally covered in medical school, but geared to a general audience.

Workforce Training

Clinical Services

  • 3/22/19
    Built on the public health model of prevention and treatment, this network partners with community-based substance abuse treatment programs and local hospitals to increase access to buprenorphine-based opiate use disorder treatment for the citizens of Western New York.
  • 3/11/21
    UB faculty and trainees offer medical services and support to resettled refugees and asylum seekers struggling with the consequences of torture.
  • 6/4/21
    This nonprofit, drop-in clinic provides free, routine health care and preventive services to uninsured patients in Buffalo.
  • 2/3/21
    This nonprofit organization provides hats, gloves and socks for frostbite victims and those in need in Buffalo area hospitals and free clinics.
  • 1/8/20
    This nonprofit, student-run program is a street medicine outreach initiative whose mission is to increase access to health care among the homeless population of Buffalo, New York.

How You Can Help

  • 1/31/18
    The Anatomical Gift Program allows medical students, residents and others to gain skills they need to treat patients in clinical practice.