Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Faculty Council includes representatives from both basic science and clinical departments. The Steering Committee represents, and acts on behalf of the Faculty Council in all matters within the purview of the Faculty Council.

All actions of the Steering Committee are subject to prior or subsequent approval of the Faculty Council.  

Powers and Duties

The Steering Committee meets monthly. It ensures that an agenda for all regular and special meetings of the Faculty Council is sent to the electorate.

A full description of the Steering Committee's powers and duties may be found in the bylaws


Ex-Officio Members

Officers of the Faculty Council

  • Peter Bradford, PhD
    President, 2019-2020
    Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Lynn Steinbrenner, MD
    Past President, 2019-2020
    Department of Medicine
  • Regina Makdissi, MD
    President-Elect, 2019-2020
    Department of Medicine
  • Fernando Estrada, PhD
    Secretary, 2018-2020
    Department of Biochemistry
  • Richard Gronostajski, PhD
    Parliamentarian, 2019-2021
    Department of Biochemistry
  • Wilma Hofmann, PhD
    Basic Science Representative to Executive Committee, 2018-2020
    Department of Physiology and Biophysics
  • Melissa Rayhill, MD
    Clinical Representative to Executive Committee, 2019-2021
    Department of Neurology

At-Large Representatives to the Faculty Council Steering Committee

2019-2020 Term

  • Howard Faden, MD
    Department of Pediatrics
    Representative to Steering Committee
  • Tracey Ignatowski, PhD
    Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences
    Representative to Steering Committee