UB pediatric psychiatrists have shown that depressed children with asthma exhibit a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system along with increased airway compromise.


Caregivers may treat children with ADHD differently if they think the child is taking medication for the condition, a placebo effect that could have both good and not-so-good results.


The Cystic Fibrosis Center at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, a UB-affiliated teaching hospital, is the first U.S. site to begin recruiting patients for a study of a promising investigational treatment for cystic fibrosis.

A group of young entrepreneurs led by Krishnan Chakravarthy, an MD/PhD candidate in the school’s MD-PhD Program, has launched NanoAxis, a new research and development company headquartered in Getzville, New York.

An analysis of ADHD studies has shown that behavioral treatment works as well as drugs for children with the condition.


Rina Das Eiden, PhD, a research associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics, has shown that infants exposed prenatally to cocaine react more to stress and have fewer coping abilities.