File Retention Policy


To indefinitely maintain files on all residents who participated in residency training.

The Office of GME resident file contains:

  • Copies of faculty appointment/employment paperwork
  • Contract
  • Credentialing checklist
  • ECFMG certificate, Medical School Diploma or 5th pathway certificate
  • University at Buffalo (UB) application or ERAS application
  • Copies of benefit applications
  • Any information regarding probation, suspension, termination, or remediation
  • Timesheets
  • License (if applicable)
  • Permission to moonlight

Program records contain:

  • All employment paperwork, i.e. tax forms, I-9 form, proof for I-9 (retain for two years)
  • Contract
  • All evaluations
  • Credentialing checklist
  • ECFMG certificate, Medical School Diploma or 5th pathway certificate
  • Timesheets (retain until six months after graduation)
  • Procedures
  • Correspondence related to program performance or Board status
  •  “Resident & Fellow Assignment Information Forms” (Medicare rotation forms - retain for two years)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Permission to moonlight
  • Any other documentation required by individual RC’s or the Program Director

Requests for Information

Office of Graduate Medical Education (716-829-2012)

  • Residency verification – program dates, completion date
  • Deferment forms for medical school loans
  • Grievance filing
  • Lab coats
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Insurance change forms or additions:  new baby, new spouse
  • Lost or stolen stampers (stamper replacement)
  • Concerns or questions regarding grievance filing, sexual harassment, or physician impairment

University at Buffalo Foundation (716-645-3011)

  • Employment verification (for credit card applications, mortgage applications, workman’s compensation forms, requests for continuing health insurance under COBRA, changing the number of tax deductions on W-4 forms, and amount being deducted from paycheck for incorrect insurance.
  • Direct deposit issues

Residency Program Director’s Office

  • Verification of credentialing status
  • Residency verifications which require information on the resident’s character, ability, etc.
  • Applications to the program – vacancies in program.

NOTE:  All requests for information prior to 1991 should go directly to the program director’s office or the hospital medical staff office if the program is no longer in existence.

Established:  2004
GMEC Approved Date:  2010