Filling Residency/Fellowship Lines Procedure


In the normal course of business, training programs may wish to fill an approved residency/fellowship line off-sync due to changes in trainee employment.  All changes to trainee employment must be immediately submitted to the Director of Human Resources.

Requests to replace/fill a vacant trainee line must be submitted to the Director of Accreditation/Assistant DIO as soon as possible prior to making an offer to the prospective trainee.  These requests require financial approval, even when replacing a line that has previously been approved in the Annual Plan. Increases in the number of trainees beyond the program’s ACGME-approved complement must be approved by the ACGME prior to offering the position to the prospective trainee.


  • The Senior Associate Dean/DIO will administratively approve positions with paying hospital approval. Any request may be forwarded to the GMEC for approval at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean/DIO. The following factors will be considered:
  •  Prospective trainee eligibility (refer to Eligibility and Selection of Residents/Fellows Policy)
    • Training schedule (i.e. amount of time off-sync)
    • Rotations/paylines affected
    • Accreditation/education concerns (e.g. accreditation status, patient/procedure volume, impact on other trainees, current ACGME citations and areas for improvement, Program Quality Review Subcommittee concerns, etc.)

Established:  2002
GMEC Approved Date:  March 20, 2018