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Hematology and Oncology

We provide a full range of  inpatient and outpatient services for children and adolescents with malignancies and blood disorders.

We care for approximately 105 new patients each year, involving an average of 3,000 clinic visits annually. Our division is also responsible for more than 30 monthly inpatient consultations.


Our division is actively involved in the education of both residents and medical students. Our fellows play an integral role in educating these rotating trainees.


Our faculty’s research interests include the long-term side effects of cancer treatment in children and adolescents, the biology of Hodgkin’s disease, immunotherapy for neuroblastoma, new drug development for pediatric cancer and pain management in patients with sickle cell disease. Much of our clinical research is done through participation in various committees of the Children’s Oncology Group.

Clinical Care

Care is provided through an interdisciplinary team approach, including hematologist/oncologists, surgeons, pediatric nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, psychologist and child life specialists.

We have specialized centers for the care of patients with sickle cell disease, hemophilia and malignancies. Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and Roswell Park Cancer Institute have inpatient and outpatient services where the specialized care of children with hematologic and oncologic diagnoses is provided by residents, fellows and faculty members.

Our specialty clinics are:

  • general hematology/oncology
  • neuro-oncology
  • sickle cell disease and thalassemia
  • hemophilia
  • thrombosis/thrombophilia
  • long-term follow-up
  • stem cell/bone marrow transplant


Division of Hematology and Oncology

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-7349
Fax: (716) 888-3801

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Department of Pediatrics
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: (716) 845-2333
Fax: (716) 845-8003

Leader/Division Chief

Kelly, Kara
Kara Kelly, MD
Professor and Chief, Hematology/Oncology


Ambrusko, Steven
Steven Ambrusko, MD, MS
Clinical Assistant Professor

Bambach, Barbara
Barbara Bambach, MD
Clinical Associate Professor

Barth, Matthew
Matthew Barth, MD
Assistant Professor

Beaupin, Lynda
Lynda Beaupin, MD
Assistant Professor

Fitzpatrick, Lorna
Lorna Fitzpatrick, MD
Clinical Associate Professor and Chief, Medical Education

Higman, Meghan
Meghan Higman, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Jain, Shilpa
Shilpa Jain, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor

Rokitka, Denise
Denise Rokitka, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor

Schaefer, Beverly
Beverly Schaefer, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Missing photo
Clare Twist, MD, MS
Clinical Professor