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Laboratory Rotations

Our laboratory rotations allow you to explore several different fields so you can identify the best department and laboratory for your PhD research. You’ll gain a wide-ranging perspective and skill set before you decide on a lab—and experience that “eureka” moment of career discovery.

Excellent Mentoring and World-Class Resources

Whether you already know the field in which you want to specialize or want to weigh your options, our individualized training, broad-based curriculum and dedicated mentoring will help you succeed.

Exciting Research Community

Our faculty work at the cutting edge of their disciplines. They publish widely and regularly receive national and international recognition. You will work one-on-one with these accomplished experts as you undertake your own innovative, independent research.

Our program is your entrance to a PhD in the biomedical sciences at the University at Buffalo.

How to Apply
Screenshot of the UB Graduate Admissions (GRADMIT) site

Applicants are required to apply to the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences through GRADMIT, UB's electronic application system.

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