Robert W. Macek, MD

Family medicine ’18
Robert W. Macek, MD.

Some difficult circumstances in his life motivated Robert W. Macek, MD, to become a family medicine physician.

Recovering From Devastating Turn of Events

It was an unfortunate turn of events that precipitated Robert Macek’s decision to become a family medicine physician.

While he was an undergraduate student at St. John’s University, his maternal grandmother, grandfather and uncle all passed away in a short period of time.

Devastated, he took a break from school to regroup and focus. From there, things only got worse: Macek suffered a stroke due to a congenital heart defect. He underwent open heart surgery and rehabilitation.

Enjoys Being Part of Patients’ Well-Being

Following a six-month recovery, he decided to become a heart surgeon and help others the way he was helped.

“Being born into heart failure and being a frequent flier with seeing all the doctors and hospitals, I was interested in medicine,” Macek says.

After completing medical school, he did his clinical work in his hometown of New York City. 

“During my clinical rotations I realized I didn’t like the surgical aspect of medicine, but enjoyed the preventative and broad spectrum of family medicine,” he says.

“I greatly enjoy being a part of my patients’ well-being and the continuity of family medicine.” 

Unflinching Commitment to Community

Macek‘s commitment to community extends to his other endeavors as well.

He has been a volunteer fireman, emergency medical technician and Emergency Medical Services lieutenant with the Cleveland Hill Fire Department since 2016.

“I often tell my patients ‘doctor by day, hero by night,’ Macek quips. “I have always believed that strong community engagement will strengthen our relationships with each other and maintain a better quality of life for all.”

Ultimately, he would like to obtain a master’s of business administration degree to go along with his medical degree.

“I would like to open and run efficient clinics in underserved areas,” Macek says. “I enjoy the administrative aspect of medicine and look forward to becoming a stronger clinician with UBMD Family Medicine.”