Mahdi Alsaleem, MD

Mahdi Alsaleem.
Neonatal-perinatal medicine ’19

After completing my residency at Detroit Medical Center, I was very excited to join the neonatal-perinatal medicine fellowship program at the University at Buffalo, based on its excellent reputation nationwide.

Clinical training is unique in a way that I was able to learn from my supervising faculty members during day time rounds, then allowed to manage the unit at night time while the faculty provided a remote coverage from home.

Research opportunities are many and very robust, whether clinical, supported by nationally well-recognized mentors, supportive staff, and very friendly EMR, or laboratory experiment done at one of the few large animal research labs in the country.

With the help of all these resources, I was able to complete about dozen papers, published in well-established peer-reviewed journals, and win several prestigious awards at the local, regional, and national levels in a short period of time.

Didactic education provided excellent learning experiences as it’s a shared responsibility between faculty members and fellows, so you get the chance to learn by presenting about the essential and exciting topics in neonatology and at the same time attending the outstanding lectures provided by the faculty members.

In the mix of all this busy learning environment I was still able to get ample time to spend with my family (my wife and three girls) and enjoy the uniquely beautiful nature in the area.