Eliane Abou-Jaoude, MD ’14

Eliane Abou-Jaoude.

Although Eliane Abou-Jaoude has lived in Buffalo her entire life, she has always been globally minded.

When considering where to attend medical school, she hoped to balance her love for home with her desire to explore the world.

“I wanted to stay in Buffalo, near my family, but I also wanted to travel,” says Abou-Jaoude, who is of Lebanese descent and visits her family’s country of origin most summers.

Abou-Jaoude says that UB medical school allowed her to enjoy the best of both worlds. In her senior year, for example, she had the opportunity to conduct rotations in her hometown, as well as in hospitals in Beirut.

She adds that she is thrilled to have received part of her medical education overseas, in a country that is so important to her, and is grateful to UB for allowing her to arrange the experience. “The university was very accommodating and flexible,” she says.

Abou-Jaoude also praises faculty at the UB medical school. “They were incredibly positive and friendly. They also made it easy for me to find research opportunities.”

Abou-Jaoude participated in the medical school’s Generalist Scholars Program, designed for fourth-year students who wish to indicate a preference for staying in Buffalo. Students in the program are given an opportunity to take part in an accelerated outpatient clinic experience and to conduct research at their site.

This spring, she matched in UB's Internal Medicine Residency Program, her first choice.

In looking to the future, Abou-Jaoude is excited about what she sees happening in her hometown and by “how quickly the medical school is growing,” citing the thriving biomedical corridor downtown.

In reflecting on her education, she has advice for prospective medical students: “Don't be worried about how challenging you think med school will be. It is challenging, but you will surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish.”