Med School Memories

Submit a favorite medical school memory you have, and it may be featured here!

Class of 1942

  • Half-dozing in Dr. Witebsky’s class. He questioned me and I told him I worked nights at the Statler Hotel (he nodded and told me to stay awake).

Class of 1947

  • Anatomy class with O.P. Jones—everyone was warned about the first-year.

Class of 1952

  • The lecture hall in the old High Street medical building.

Class of 1957

  • Buffalo snow. Graduating; Erwin Neter. Comic Relief during O. P. Jones’
    Q & A sessions—Question: “Describe the Papilla of Vater.” Answer: “Just a run-of-the-hill Papilla.”
  • Dr. Oliver P. Jones: he began shaping us into professionals. First day drawing blood, the patient in the next bed says, “Ow, ow—geez, Doc, why don’t you practice this? And then I hear Art Beck, ’57, say, ‘I am practicing!’”

Class of 1967

  • Graduation! O.P. Jones and Saturday morning anatomy quizzes. Jokes in anatomy lab.

Class of 1977

  • Taking my first anatomy quiz with Dr. Lee: I missed almost every question. I thought, “Oh great, I’m going to flunk out of med school.” Leaving the VA early during in the January ’73 blizzard and my windshield wipers snapping off.

Class of 1982

  • Making “acute inflammation” into a skit/dance and David Kurss directing us! Going to the ballet with Cheryl Cochrane. Dancing at Mr. Goodbar. Mohammed Halabi walking to the front of a psych lecture, nudging Dr. Robin aside and announcing that he was taking our class hostage. The professor of biochemistry excitedly explaining the origin of proteins to life and drawing the equations on the blackboard, saying “It seems impossible. You almost want to say, ‘Don’t do it, and then, Bamo!’” Basic Science could be exciting!

Class of 1987

  • As an older student holding a doctorate in anatomy, I had the honor of teaching anatomical sciences to my own classmates, which was outright fun. They make me smile to this day: Day 1—Gross Anatomy, and Dr. Severin jumping up on a desk to demonstrate anatomic position. (I still sometimes picture that in my day-to-day work). Breaking the driving ban after a big snow to go to Duff’s for wings. Parties at the end of the first-and second-year exam blocks! Singing in the Dermatones. Skiing in Ellicottville. The Anchor Bar.

Class of 1992

  • I always loved the Follies.

Class of 1997

  • ‘Block’ exams were thrilling. Talent shows. Christian Medical and Dental Society meetings. Playing at Chuck E. Cheese with Angela Camasto and the gang.

Class of 2002

  • There are so many!—After-block parties. Follies. Formal/semi-formal dances. Working on the yearbook; White Coat Ceremony. The group trip to Florida.