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Our educational activities help you stay abreast of innovations in patient care, medical policy issues, and medical education. We also maintain registrant records and provide transcripts for CME attendees.

Opioid Prescriber Training Program

Opioid Prescriber Education Program

New York State (NYS) established educational requirements in Public Health Law Article 33 §3309-a to raise prescriber awareness of the risks associated with use of opioid pain medications.  This law requires that prescribers licensed to treat humans who have a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number and medical residents prescribing under a facility DEA number must complete a minimum of three hours of course work or training about pain management, palliative care and addiction.   

The Opioid Prescriber Education Program was developed to help NYS prescribers meet this requirement.  First launched in 2017 as a two-part online course, the program has been completed by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals. In 2023, a major update of the program was released, combining all the mandated topics into one comprehensive activity. The program is currently offered free of charge for healthcare providers who are seeking to fulfill educational requirements, earn continuing education credit, and optimize opioid-related patient care.

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    Our program was developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians in London.
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