Planning CME

Our resources will help you develop and execute quality accredited educational activities.

  • CME Types and Requirements
    CME activities can be divided into four categories. Each type meets different needs for learners and organizers.
  • Planning Regularly Scheduled Series
    Regularly scheduled series, including grand rounds, journal clubs and case conferences, take place on weekly or monthly bases.
  • Planning Non-Recurring Activities
    Non-recurring CME activities include conferences, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, simulations and more.
  • Writing a Curriculum
    Quality learning experiences depend on a well-planned curriculum designed to meet your learners’ needs.
  • Policies and Guidelines
    UB and ACCME policies regarding CME activities.
  • CME Planning Forms
    Find all forms related to planning CME activities.
  • Request a Consultation
    We understand how daunting the planning process can seem for CME activities. We’re happy to meet with you to help you create and execute successful events.