Emergency Medicine Summer Research Program

Medical students in this eight-week summer research program collaborate on research with an attending physician, enroll patients for ongoing studies at Erie County Medical Center, train clinically and present their projects to their peers.

Our research program has two parts:

  • project work with one or more emergency medicine attending physicians
  • shift work in emergency rooms enrolling eligible patients in studies

You will be assigned to work with a specific attending(s); you will not choose your own assignments.

Project Work

In the first phase, you are assigned to one or more emergency medicine attending physicians to work on specific projects.

These projects may involve literature review, medical record reviews, database reviews, database entry and data collection, administering surveys, writing protocols and writing manuscripts.

The hours are flexible and time may be spent at ECMC, BGMC, MFS hospitals or on the medical school campus.

Emergency Room Shifts

In the second phase, you will work shifts in the emergency departments at ECMC or BGMC, enrolling eligible patients in ongoing studies.

During the year, our research associates enroll patients from 8 am – 12 midnight, 7 days per week. You will cover the 12 midnight – 8 am shifts. Typically, students have worked 3 overnights in a row twice during the eight week summer session.

As part of your preparation for this portion of the program, you will receive 4-8 hours of research associate training prior to your first overnight shift. 

During these shifts there are also opportunities to have patient contact and participate in clinical activities such as suturing. 

Lecture Series and Presentations

We have a morning lecture series on clinical and research related topics. There are approximately 12 lectures of one hour each.

The final 2-3 lecture slots are used for students’ 15-minute PowerPoint presentations on their individual projects presented to their peers and attendings.

Number of Positions

We accept approximately 10 students.


  • Jacobs School medical students who have just completed their first year are invited to apply.
  • You must be available to work for all eight weeks of the program.

Program Dates

8 weeks starting the first week of June.


We fund the program directly. You will earn a stipend for participating the entire eight weeks of the program.

You will be paid every two weeks; pay is based on approximately 80 hours of work per pay period.

How to Apply

To apply, submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Letter of Intent to our research coordinator (address below).

Your Letter of Intent should be no more than one page and include:

  1. Your contact information.
  2. Any honors or prior research experience (though prior experience is not  a prerequisite).
  3. What you hope to get out of this program.
  4. Any other information you think may be helpful.

Application Deadline

You must apply by the first Monday in February.

Participation Requirements

You must:

  • be available to work for the entirety of the program.
  • turn in all university training certificates required participate in human subject research before the start date of the summer program.

Award Notification

We will inform candidates of our decision by last Monday in February.

A few weeks prior to the start date, we will set up times for accepted students to get ID cards, parking tags and fill out employment paperwork. We will also give out attending assignments and a lecture schedule.


Submit your application and direct any questions to:

Research Manager

Dipesh Patel, MPH.

Dipesh Patel, MPH

Research Manager

Emergency Medicine

77 Goodell St. Suite 340 Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 645-9722

Email: dpatel3@buffalo.edu