How to Apply

Applications are accepted only through ERAS – the Electronic Residency Application Service.

Further information may be obtained through your Dean of Students Office or directly from the AAMC.

Any medical student or physician with a sincere interest in becoming an excellent emergency physician should consider applying to our program. We consider all qualified applications and give them careful review. 

Prior training does not disqualify an applicant from consideration. Some of our best residents have had prior training including some who have achieved the rank of Chief Resident. 

Please note: We review thousands of applications. Interviews are granted on a rolling basis. There is no pre-set offer date. We do not use interview broker. Our training program administrator schedules all of them personally. They will be offered roughly over the period of mid October through most of November. There is no value assignment to the offer date (a candidate offered an interview on a later date is in no way considered a less qualified candidate). We do our best to get through each and every application so we hope your understanding of our rolling process creates less stress during an understandably stressful time. Thanks for your interest in our program.

Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the University at Buffalo EM Residency program. All applications are accepted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System) only and the deadline to apply for PGY1 positions beginning in June 8th to November 30th. Hard copies of applications will not be accepted. Currently, we do not impose a minimum score requirement. We do however require that international medical school graduates have at least one year of training in a U.S. accredited residency program prior to applying to our program. Along with the application, we require a minimum of 2 letters of recommendation (preferably SLOE’s from E.M. physicians), a copy of your medical school transcripts, dean's letter, board scores, c.v., personal statement, ECFMG Status Report (if applicable) and a photo (optional). The current policy of the University at Buffalo is to sponsor J-1 visas (H-1 visas are no longer offered). If you have any additional questions or require more information, please feel free to contact the department directly.

Training Program Administrator

Dee McCarthy

Training Program Administrator

77 Goodell Street, Room 340, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 645-9707; Fax: (716) 645-9701