Scholarly Tracks

Emergency Medicine Residents are required by the Residency Review Committee to participate in academic activity during their residency.

In addition to attendance at and participation in weekly study sessions, Grand Rounds and Journal Club, residents must complete a scholarly project. While encouraged, not every resident may have an interest in completing an original research project, which is why our program has developed 6 unique areas of expertise residents can choose to focus on, each with their own set of requirements for successful completion.

The Research Director in conjunction with the Program Director will determine if the requirement is fulfilled. Residents should seek feedback from the Research Director on their progress toward meeting the requirement on a regular basis.

Residents will individually benefit in terms of learning real life skills for their career beyond what we teach them clinically, and the activities they undertake should extend throughout residency.

All residents will participate in a one-hour monthly meeting with their faculty adviser prior to Grand Rounds.  This meeting may include applicable reading with discussion, didactics, or evaluation of their progress.

  • Academic Scholarly Track
    The Academic Scholarly Track is intended for residents interested in pursuing a career as an academic practitioner.
  • Administrative Track
    Develop a basic understanding of the administrative aspects of managing an Emergency Department.
  • EMS Track
    The goal of the EMS Scholarly Track is to develop a working skill set that can be used to provide medical oversight to EMS agencies, deliver expert instruction to EMS personnel and provide disaster planning and recovery to the community at large.
  • Public Health Track
    Develop a strong working knowledge of public health practice, governmental public health and the public health system.
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Track
    Gain extra instruction and experience in the subspecialty of pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Sports Medicine Track
    Enhanced instruction in the EM subspecialty of Primary Care Sports Medicine.
  • Ultrasound Track
    This track is a next level experience in the latest in ED clinical ultrasound, going above and beyond the robust curriculum required of all residents.

Track Faculty

Academic:            Jeffrey J. Thompson, MD

Administrative:   Binny Patel, DO
                                Daniel Fahey, MD
                                Alex Ljungberg, DO

EMS:                       Michael O'Brien, MD
                                John Kruse, DO

Public Health:      Sucharita Paul, MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: 
                                Mary E. Emborsky, DO

Sports Medicine: Heidi N. Suffoletto, MD
                                 Jesse Fodero, MD

Ultrasound:          Adam Dworkin, MD

Telehealth:            Renoj Varughese, MD