Administrative Track

Develop a basic understanding of the administrative aspects of managing an Emergency Department.

Scholarly Track Requirements

All residents will participate in a one hour monthly meeting during Grand Rounds time for their specific track, which may include applicable reading with discussion, didactics or evaluation of their progress.


The goal of the administrative track is to develop a basic understanding of the administrative aspects of managing an Emergency Department. This will include:

  • completing an administrative project
  • performing QA activities
  • evaluating adverse patient outcomes
  • interfacing with ancillary and hospital administration personnel
  • understanding clinical revenue generation and
  • attending an administrative focused conference.


1. Focused Administrative Project (select one)

  • Develop and Implement a Clinical Pathway for the ED or equivalent administrative project. Examples:
    • Congestive Heart Failure
    • Goal Directed Sepsis Protocol
    • Cardiac Arrest/Hypothermia
    • Rapid Care paths/Triage Redesign
  • Participate in Development and Implementation of an Electronic ED Medical Record
  • Participate in the Planning Process of a new Emergency Department
  • Participate in the Development or Operation of a Revenue Center within the Department (Travel Medicine/Occupational Health)
  • Develop an Expertise in the Administrative Operation of an Observation Unit
  • Develop an Expertise in Emergency Department Revenue Generation
  • Develop Emergency Department administrative project agreed to by track preceptor and residency director

2. Hospital/Emergency Department Administration

  • Attend Hospital Committee Meeting (preferably Medical Executive Committee or equivalent) with ED Director at least 3/yr
  • Attend monthly departmental meeting at least 2/yr

3. Quality Assurance Activity (select one)

  • Oversight of resident QI at a site
  • Participate in preparation for and attend monthly staff M&M
    • Complete and Present M&M cases (2/year)
  • Perform departmental QI audits (at least 5)
  • Assist with departmental response to patient complaints
    • Address all complaints for either site for one month

4. Revenue Generation (select one)

  • Participate in University billing/reimbursement audit
  • Perform monthly random sample billing review with ED Director

5. Attend ACEP meeting or equivalent (select one)

  • Attending at least 5 lectures on departmental administration
  • Attending administrative related interest group or committee meeting
  • Attend EM coding course


Ljungberg, Alexander

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Patel, Bindesh

Bindesh Patel, DO, MMM

Assistant Professor

UBMD Emergency Medicine 77 Goodell St Suite 340 Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: 7166459700


Fahey, Daniel

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