Clinical Care

Every day, our physicians dedicate themselves to raising the standard of care in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.

We are the largest clinical endocrinology group in Buffalo and its surrounding areas, practicing in both urban and suburban settings. Our faculty provide state of the art clinical care in Western New York and the area's major hospitals.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary model of care with Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) and nutritionists, and the latest technological advances, we have maintained one of the highest standards of care in the US in people with diabetes, and prevented amputations and other microvascular complications in this population.

A transitional care clinic with pediatric endocrinology, one of the few in the US, helps adolescents to seamlessly transition their care to an adult endocrinologist.

With a network of UBMD specialists, multidisciplinary care is provided for patients requiring thyroid, pituitary, and bariatric surgery.

An innovative CDE Ambassador program in collaboration with Health Now (one of the major payers in the region) and PCPs, has also been instituted to improve care of people with diabetes in the community.