Our pursuit of groundbreaking research in general internal medicine complements our division’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and education.

Major Areas of Investigation

  • Trial, systematic review and clinical guideline methodology
  • Medical education, including developing and evaluating curricula for medical students and residents
  • Risk communication
  • Thrombosis in cancer
  • Physician/patient communication

Interdisciplinary Research/Collaboration

  • Projects related to curricula and faculty development with the Department of Family Medicine
  • Projects relating to the population of cancer patients with the School of Nursing
  • Projects related to trial, systematic review and clinical guideline methodology with McMaster University
  • Projects related to systematic review methodology with the Cochrane Collaboration
  • Projects related to clinical guideline methodology with the GRADE working group
  • Developing global public health guidelines with the World Health Organization
  • Health Professions Education Research Team (HPERT): Collaboration between the division and other UB departments (e.g., Family Medicine, OB-GYN) to support research in medical education

Research Facilities

Research offices are located in the Clinical Center Building at Erie County Medical Center.

  • Recent Faculty Publications
    We share our research studies with physicians and scientists worldwide through publications in leading academic journals.
  • Recent Research Funding
    We receive funding from a variety of sources that recognize the value of our high-impact research.