Ambulatory Rotation in the Immunodeficiency Services Clinic

dr. hsiao at ecmc aids center.

Each fellow trains at Evergreen Health where, supervised by faculty, you will manage your own patients.

Your ambulatory rotation in this New York State Department of Health-designated AIDS center will teach you state-of-the-art HIV management.

More than 1,200 HIV-infected individuals receive ambulatory HIV care at this multidisciplinary center, which includes pharmaceutical and social services support.

The center also includes an HIV-hepatitis C co-infection clinic and a women’s health clinic.

Fellows will spend one-half day per week learning ambulatory HIV management. You will also learn several HIV-specific procedures, including anoscopy. This training helps you develop an understanding of the natural history of treated and sometimes non-adherent patients as they progress over time.

During each clinic session, you will see one to two new patients and four to six follow-up patients. You’ll write comprehensive consultation notes for each patient you see, guided by your supervising physician.

Comprehensive Clinical Training

Concentrated time in your home clinic helps you develop longitudinal relationships with the faculty who train you and the patients you see.

It also gives you a thorough understanding of the clinic site and opportunities to care for colleagues’ patients, encouraging communication among team members and broadening your experiences.