Pandemic Lessons: Where do we stand?

Published June 11, 2022

Thomas A. Russo, MD, SUNY Distinguished Professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, spoke to The Buffalo News about local trends in the pandemic. For most people ages 50-60, Russo has recommended getting the fourth shot immediately only if someone has comorbidities that place them at higher risk of developing a dangerous case of Covid-19, the News reports. Otherwise, waiting till the winter months are closer might be more advisable, the News adds. The best advice, as always, is to consult your own physician. “Focus on, ‘What will it do for you right now?’ ” Russo said. “We’re at the tail end of this wave right now. If you don’t travel and you remain in Western New York, with each passing day, the likelihood that you will get infected is significantly decreasing.”